Ladies and Gentlemen,


Wrocław Educators Association was established in 2005 on the initiative of educators, university teachers, scout instructors and parents from Wrocław, interested in educational issues and willing to become involved in activities for children and youth. The Association members develop their activities, as well as they can, in two fields:


- cooperation with educators and leaders working with young people, supporting educational functions of parents and tutors and integration of Wrocław educators society and

- educational work for disadvantaged children and youth needing cultural and financial support, exposed to social pathologies, deprived of appropriate care.


In order to achieve these ambitious aims, we attempt to open a community youth club – the place of children's meetings as well as educators integration. We are suitably experienced in helping youth - we worked out an effective method of educational work and prepared well defined plans to the Association development.

We provide training, courses and workshops on working with children and youth as well as on free time management. Moreover, we organize parties, birthdays and events for children and carry out various projects for business partners, institutions and individuals.


Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or partnership proposals: